• Plant native plants that do not require extra watering besides natural rain.
  • Collect rainwater in a cistern or rain barrel and use that water to hydrate plants or wash your car.
  • Use reduced-flow showers, faucets and toilets in your home and encourage their use at your business and at other institutions you frequent. Fix leaks promptly and eliminate unnecessary water use.
  • Check water quality in your community and in your home. Be sure that places you visit have tested for lead and other harmful pollutants in drinking water. And, make sure that steps are taken to correct problems that are found–especially in your own home.
  • Use non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning agents. Dispose of toxic materials correctly. Do not pour them into drains. Encourage your community to sponsor hazardous disposal pick-up days. You can support the effort by donating the use of a business or institution parking lot for a day.
  • Support the protection and restoration of wetlands, which act as natural water pollution filters and provide a habitat for wildlife.
  • Contribute to international relief efforts to provide clean drinking water in developing countries.

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