Air Pollution

Air pollution makes it hard for us to breathe. It is probably causing the earth to become warmer, which will change our climate. It even pollutes the water.

The major air pollutants are Carbon Dioxide, Methane and Water Vapor. Carbon Dioxide and Methane are produced by burning fossil fuels (oil, gas and coal) for transportation (anything with a combustion engine like cars, buses, airplanes, boats), for the production of stuff (mainly new things we buy) in factories and in the production of electricity. Methane is also created by livestock which is produced for food, such as cows and by garbage decomposing in landfills. Water vapor increases as the temperature of certain parts of the globe increase (due to air pollution) and as we waste water, like that which  is stores underground in our aquifers (this is our drinking water for the most part). Water vapor is caused by evaporation of water and is increased by using water besides rain to water our lawns or plants, wash our cars, water farm fields and golf courses, the diversion of rivers into canals, etc.. It is also created when factories manufacture stuff for us to buy.

So how can you help? Find alternatives to the burning of fossil fuels for transportation and electricity, buy used stuff or make your own instead of buying new stuff, grow your own food, conserve electricity and water, plant native plants that only require rain and no extra watering, think outside of the box!

Take the challenge! Complete the Environmental Report Card.  See where you stand.  To decrease air pollution, visit our Environmental Action Checklist page for more ideas about what action you can take — starting now!


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