February 2013 Volunteer Day at Snyder Park

Volunteer Day at Snyder Park on February, 23, 2013

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Over twenty volunteers came to Snyder Park on February 23rd for exotic plant removal and to remove weeds from overgrown plant areas.  A dozen extra large garbage bags filled with exotic, non-native shrubs, plants and weeds were removed. Thanks to organizations such as Hands On Broward and Kids Ecology Corps, Fort Lauderdale’s Snyder Park is being renewed and restored.

On February 9th, 16 volunteers from “Hands on Broward” came to Snyder Park. Aaron, Art  and I (Bruce) were all more than surprised to see how much more shrubbery we were able to remove from the plants and trees in the circle to the east of the park office.

It was especially surprising after we thought we got most all of it two weeks earlier. What you see are just some of the roots we removed. This foliage appeared to not only be covering up the trees and shrubs, but strangling them. In all, several more bags of weeds were removed.

When you come to visit the 93 acres at Snyder Park in Fort Lauderdale, you will now see healthy looking trees, bushes and newly planted trees and plants. We also spent time in the shade plant area to the west of the park.  Much of the weeds growing in the shade area where removed by the volunteers. While there, they saw hundreds of young, new plants ready to be replanted around the park.



The Kids Ecology Corps at Snyder Park

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