Our Curriculum

  • Curriculum Part 1 (PDF): An Environmental Curriculum Guide (Grades 9-12)
  • Curriculum Part 2 (PDF): What’s Going On With Our Air?
  • Curriculum Part 3(PDF): What’s Going On With Our Water?
  • Curriculum Part 4 (PDF): What’s Going On With Our Food?
    • Effect of Pesticides & Other Substances
  • Curriculum Part 5 (PDF): What’s Going On With Our Garbage?
    • Consumption & Recycling
    • Articles:
      “It Pays to be Green in Florida”
      “Recycling Industry Tries Innovation”
      “Five Major Myths about Garbage”
  • Curriculum Part 6 (PDF): What’s Going On With Our Beaches?
    • Coastal Erosion
  • Curriculum Part 7 (PDF): What’s Going On With Our Trees & Parks?
    • Xeriscaping
    • Green Space & Urban Heat Islands
    • A Word about Rainforests
  • Curriculum Part 8 (PDF): Trees Bring New Opportunities With New Technology
    • Introduction to Geographic Information Systems: Mapping
    • Articles:
      CITYgreen pamphlet
  • Curriculum Part 9 (PDF): Brownfield Assessment, Redevelopment & Remediation
  • Curriculum Part 10 (PDF): Learning To Become Environmental Presenters And Mentors
    • Generating the critical mass of people in the world to make
    • Environmental Harmony a reality

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By Kids Ecology Corps, a program of Partners in Action, Inc.
Daisy K. Miller, Co-Founder and Executive Director
and Project Director for Parks in the Hood

This curriculum is made possible by a generous matching grant from the State of Florida, Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Urban and Community Forestry

For more information on KEC programs or to volunteer, please send e-mail to kec@kidsecologycorp.com or contact the office at  (954) 524-0366.

UPCOMING SOON- New Curriculum on our Reefs and Mangroves!

Thank You Notes

– Jamie, 6th Grade

– Elizabeth, 6th Grade

– Laura, 6th Grade

– John, 5th Grade


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