Citrix Earth Day April 2013

Going Green On Citrix Earth Day on April 25th, 2013

Citrix and Kids Ecology Corps Celebrate Earth Day!

Citrix and Kids Ecology Corps Celebrated Earth Day at the Citrix Office Complex in Fort Lauderdale on Thursday April 25th

Jo Moskowitz and her Citrix team combined that event with their annual “Take Your Kids to Work Day” event for children 8 and 18.



Over three hundred and fifty school kids took advantage of the opportunity to help celebrate Earth Day. Most of them stopped by the Kids Ecology Corps outdoor booth manned by Master Gardener Art Constantino, staff member Aaron Bethencourt and volunteer Bruce Starr

Both parent employees and their children learned about plants that support butterfly life and about the new Butterfly Program at Snyder Park starting on Saturday, May 11th.

Well over one hundred and fifty bio-degradable recycled newspaper planters were taken home to be set in a sunny place in their own backyard. Each parent and child who came by the booth was given the small planter with a Beach Verbena cutting, a plant that Butterfly’s are especially attracted to as a nectar providing food source.

 Kids and their parents were directed to the Kids Ecology Corp room inside the Citrix office where they had a great time using their imagination creating recycled newspaper hats using recycled decorative ornaments and supplies gathered by Kids Ecology Corp CEO Joan Starr, Board President Sally Oken and KEC Educator and Curriculum Specialist Lisa Combs.  Sally and Lisa coordinated the two hour effort of the kids making hundreds of fantastic original ornamental hats.

Two huge tables were filled with all kinds of recycled decorations: ribbons, helium balloons, wrapping paper and an unlimited supply of found objects.

Incredible results! The room was packed with children and their parents as they created fabulous hats!


Everyone had a lot of fun at The Citrix Earth Day.


Kids Ecology Corps CEO Joan Starr and Jo Moskowitz 


The Kids Ecology Corps at Snyder Park

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