Recycled and Recyclable Products


PETE:  Polyofhylene Terephfhalafe 4

Examples: Soft drink, juice, and cough syrup containers.

HDPE:   Hl6b Denilfy Polyofhylene 4

Examples: Milk jugs, detergent and shampoo bottles.

‘V’: Polyvynyl Chloride 4

Examples: Mouthwash, tonic, and pet shampoo containers

Plastic products labeled with the numbers 1,2, or 3 (on the bottom or side of the container) surrounded by recycling arrows, are recycled along with metal and glass containers and drink boxes.

Metal Cans


Examples: Soup cans, vegetables and fruit cans, pet food cans, coffee cans.


Examples: Soda, juice and beer cans.

Glass Bottles/Jars

Examples: Pickle jars, baby food jars, salad dressing bottles, syrup bottles, jam and jelly jars.

Products made from recycled materials

Look for the words:

Made from recycled ___% recycled materials and the recycle symbol.

If the package doesn’t say “made from recycled materials”, it probably isn’t.


Many companies are using recycled materials in their product packaging. Examples include:


boxes for cereal, cake mix, pasta, cookies & crackers, cakes, powdered laundry detergent, soap pads.


bottles for shampoo/conditioner, cleaning products, and liquid detergent.


toilet paper, paper towels, tissues soap pads, stationery, napkins

If you would like to know more about recycling, call the KEC today, or check out the list of other places you can get information. Surf the internet, too.


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